“Fire Dance” is the latest from Claude 9 featuring Afro and Dub house mixes. Claude 9 emerged in the late 90’s as one of the first electronic producers out of Austin, Texas. He was a part of several well-received House collaborations in the early 2000’s, most notably “Kritikal Positive” with Chris Specht on the Sha-Boom label and the Ten Gallon Hats EP with Spect and Eddie Spettro on the Dae label. His background as a live musician brings authenticity to the dub and funk elements in his electronic compositions. He was absent from the electronic scene for a few years but returned with a vengeance with his eclectic “The Souk” EP last December on LB recordings. “Sunday Satellite” from That release reached #49 on the Traxsource Disco/Soul chart.