Claude9 has been involved in the Austin music scene since the late 70's, playing and recording as a keyboard player and singer. He played and worked with Reggae acts Pressure, the Killer Bees, and Raggamassive which is where he cut his teeth as a sought after melodica player. These roots lead Claude9 to join forces with hip hop/funk act Afrofreque, Supercreeps and Hail Marley.


Claude 9 emerged in the late 90’s as one of the first electronic producers out of Austin, Texas. He was a part of several well-received House collaborations in the early 2000’s. His background as a live musician brought authenticity to the dub and funk elements in his electronic compositions and more recently to his note worthy collaboration with DJ Manny as Los Bandidos.


Currently, Claude9 and Fumihito Sugawara are collaborating on 35MM, a band that is reconstructing the 50-60's lounge music genre with a sultry and polished style, influenced by bossa nova, tango, jazz, surf music, space-age pop, and spy-movie soundtracks.


As a producer at his own Claude 9 Studios, Claude continues to produce and record internationally recognized music in the House and Downtempo genres, while still pushing limits and being an influential member of the ever changing Austin music community.




claude9 STUDIOS


Claude 9 Studios is a recording studio specializing in electronic production of all kinds run by longtime Austin musician/producer Claude McCan. Claude has extensive experience with Hip Hop, Reggae/Dub, House/Techno, Downtempo, Funk, Rock and electronic Latin as well as other groove oriented genres, including singer-songwriters who want to add a touch of electronics to their sound.

The studio is outfitted with a collection of vintage synthesizers, keyboard instruments, drum machines/modules you will not find in many other places. We also have state of the art recording software and plug-ins including most of the highly regarded UAD line of mixing and effect plug-ins.



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The Souk ep

by Claude9